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DPF Solutions

Newer diesel engine vehicles, are mostly fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) which is designed to remove the carbon particles found in diesel emissions to meet ever-more stringent emissions regulations. 

DPFs become blocked and damaged over time and end up not working as they should. Most of the time this will cause a vehicle to go in to limp mode, and make your vehicle not driveable until the DPF system has been fixed or replaced. The cost of repairing or replacing DPF systems ranges well over £1000.

With Race Remaps DPF solution, your car’s ECU is reprogrammed to switch off any DPF related structures in the vehicle’s software. This will prevent the vehicle from sensing the damaged or missing filter and will prevent future DPF regeneration and warning lights.

This solution is a small fraction of the cost for repairing or replacing the DPF, and the software is guaranteed for a lifetime that the DPF system won’t cause any problems any more after it has been removed.

Your vehicle will be 100% back too normal with our custom DPF delete.


DPF/GPF Solutions


  • No more limp mode
  • No more engine light problems
  • Up to 10% improvement in fuel economy
  • Usually increased engine response
  • Reduced turbo lag
  • Improved driveability

The DPF can cause more problems than it solves at times, and we at Race Remaps can help.