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The ECU is a program that controls how the engine works. When your car is being remapped, we plug our tool into your car’s serial port (or OBD port) by which we retrieve the original ECU software, then custom tune this software data and then overwrite the ECU with the new version which then enhance engine’s performance. Car engines are initially de-tuned by the vehicle manufacturer, so that the vehicles can meet a range of emission standards, withstand extreme conditions and environments such as high or low temperatures, variations in fuel quality and many owners driving styles and their varying adherence to servicing and maintenance schedules.

ECU Remapping

Improving vehicle performance

We believe in safe and reliable remapping as a vehicle’s health is just as important as performance for our customers. Your ECU is custom remapped only specific to your vehicle. We offer a lifetime warranty against any software malfunctions, furthermore, all original maps are backed up on a dedicated server allowing the vehicle to be reverted to the original format at any point in the future.

ECU Remapping

How we remap your engine

We replace the existing ‘instructions’ contained on the software loaded onto your vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that control your engine’s settings with new ones through loading new software onto the ECU.

We analyze your vehicle’s current software, then write a new version with altered engine settings such as fuel/air mixture and ignition timing based on your exact vehicle type and your performance requirements.

We’re careful only to increase power to a level your engine and transmission can cope with so that future reliability isn’t affected.

ECU Remapping

Available Remapping Options

  • Economy
  • Stage 1/2/3/4
  • DPF Disable
  • EGR Disable
  • Speed Limiter Disable
  • RPM Limiter Increase
  • Lambda/O2 Disable
  • Intake Manifold Flap Disable
  • AdBlue (SCR) Disable
  • Specific DTC Disable
  • Exhaust Flap Control
  • Launch Control
  • No-Lift Shift
  • Pops & Bangs (Antilag)
  • Hard Rev Cut
  • Start-Stop Deactivation
  • Tuning on Sport Button
  • Cylinder on Demand
  • Sport Display Calibration Module